Meet the team

Roz Thomas

Project Manager

roz photo

Roz lived and volunteered with her family in rural South Africa for 4 years.  Back in 2009 she, along with a small team of volunteers, undertook the ‘Tapestry of Dreams’ project.

With a similar ethos to ‘Beauty Unseen’, 10 local Zulu women whose lives were all affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis were chosen.  Alongside the support of Vivienne Westwood (UK), Cari Stephenson, Simon Rademan and other South African fashion designers these women were treated, and their lives celebrated in a unique live show with music and dance that took place in Johannesburg in November 2009.

Check out the youtube clip of this project:

Roz and her family then returned to the UK in 2010 and she felt compelled to undertake a similar project in the UK, celebrating those who had overcome some of the issues that people in the UK face, and using their stories to inspire a new generation to change for the better.

After sharing her heart with others around her, and building a team of people committed to seeing this dream a reality – the ‘Beauty Unseen’ project was born!

Dagmar Green

Fashion Co-ordinator for Beauty Unseen


I’m a fashion designer, seamstress and tailor.

My role with Beauty Unseen is to oversee the fashion side of the project, ie. co-ordinate and support the designers and role models.

Having a mum who was passionate about sewing definitely rubbed off on me and I started sewing at the age of 6. I then followed this up by studying fashion design when I went to college in Slovakia. During my time in college I created my own collection that was included in a fashion show. I was also involved in a number of other fashion shows with a few of my designs being included in each of these as well.
After leaving collage I needed to pay the bills so I embarked on a career in the finance industry and started working for the Royal Bank of Canada in Guernsey. Following this my husband and I moved to the UK where I worked in a couple of accountancy companies in the South West and also studied and gained an accountancy technicians qualification. However, my true passion was always fashion design and I continued to make clothes for family and friends.
Whilst Taking a career brake from accountancy to be a full time mum and support my family I realised that my passion for fashion design meant more to me than a career in the finance industry. Now I pursue my dream and passion through designing and making garments / clothes for my clients.

Jodie Alexander-Frye

Music co-ordinator for Beauty Unseen


Jodie is a seasoned performer and published songwriter, having supported some of the great British acts including Van Morrison, Roy Wood and Midge Ure, and upcoming international artists such as Joe Brooks. Jodie also has experience working for a live music venue sourcing live local acts. Through her performing career she has gained plenty of experience on live local radio and has experience in writing press releases and conducting interviews. She has helped teach songwriting with local performers who are starting out, and been part of local band dynamic and songwriting workshops. Under her stage name ‘Jodie Jones’ she is an official endorsee for Washburn guitars U.S.A. and Audio Technica microphones.


Angie Timms

Performance co-ordinator for the live show


Hi, my name is Angie Timms. I got involved with Beauty Unseen because I feel strongly about the ethos of the charity. I wanted to play an active role in enabling the role models to portray their personal journeys in the most creative way I can. I was inspired by Roz’s passion for this venture. As a friend it was important to support such an amazing idea and I myself believe strongly that being beautiful is more than what you see outwardly. It is testament to those working on the charity that we have so much already. I cannot wait for the show and for people to see the amazing stories of those I’ve had the pleasure to meet and with with. I hope you enjoy the show!

Kirst Pritchard

Team Co-ordinator


I’m Kirst Pritchard, mum of two (well three if you count the dog) and I have lived in Devon for just over 5 years now with them and Andy, my hubby. I am very involved in the local community as I work at Tiverton High School and am also involved with Tiverton Sea Cadets as both my kids love it up there on the canal.

I was asked by a friend to come along and see if I could support with admin tasks for Beauty Unseen and once she told me what its’ aims were – how could I say no? I feel very privileged to be involved behind the scenes helping out where I can as all of our Role Models are truly inspiring people who uplift me every time we get together. I don’t feel like I do much but what I do allows other members of the team to concentrate on their areas of expertise. I for one can’t wait for our live show in October #excited!

Sarah Summers

Secretary for Beauty Unseen


As secretary to the BEAUTY UNSEEN (BU) project my role involves supporting the administration of the project, together with research, planning and networking. I wanted to be involved in the project when Roz Thomas explained the aim of BU and how it would impact the lives of so many people.

Having worked with and experienced a wide variety of socially excluded groups, I have a deep understanding of how much these groups need the support of projects such as BEAUTY UNSEEN to raise awareness and destroy negative stereotypes.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence is a prime recurring factor within socially excluded groups. . The BU project will reach out to a variety of socially excluded groups, it will provide useful contacts and references for people wanting help and support within those groups. It will show the success of 10 candidates from socially excluded groups and celebrate their achievements in a way that has never been done before.

The ten role models will share their stories with the nation, their stories will be celebrated and portrayed through fashion, music, dance, theatre and raw talent. The role models will be pampered and dressed in unique designer attire to make them feel beautiful, to rocket their self-esteem and celebrate what a true role model is.

Beauty Unseen will encourage other people from these socially excluded back grounds to realise that they are the beautiful person inside them, they do not need to fear society because they have fallen into a socially excluded category. The audience will see how ten role models have been through struggles and have had the courage to share their story. BU will inspire viewers and the audience to think about their views and prejudices and show the nation what a role model really is, and what true beauty really is…it’s the BEAUTY USEEN!

Esther Chamberlain



As treasurer to the Beauty Unseen project my role is to assist in the finances and funding. I will keep accurate accounts to provide to any sponsors to the project, and complete annual reports. When Roz explained the content of the BU project, I was keen to provide my skills to help this dream become a reality.

I have been an accounts manager at a small accountant firm in Somerset for the last 13 years. I am also the treasurer for my local church and hockey club, and have a passion for volunteering in the local community. I have been involved in Devon Christian Youth Camps (DCYC) for the last 20 Years. Progressing from taking part in the camps myself to assisting in the cooking, lead- ing, managing roles, and more importantly mentoring and supporting the young people who attend the camps. I have also recently just given up the role of Lieutenant at the local Girls Bri- gade which involved running various activities on a weekly basis for girls of varying ages.

I want to see those who are socially excluded in our society for various reasons, given a voice and a stage to raise awareness of the issues in their past life experiences. Then for this to impact others not make the same mistakes.