Heather Walters

One of the Beauty Unseen Role Models.
Chosen to take part in the South-West live show 2016

Heather is from North Devon, and after self-examining, found a lump in her breast, aged just 33. Whilst undergoing treatment, she started up an international campaign supporting Coppafeel, by way of a flashmob, encouraging other young men and women to check themselves.



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Chosen Charity Raising awareness of:coppafeel
Charity Information We’re on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer. We ensure that you know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, know what your boobs look and feel like normally, check your boobs regularly throughout your lifetime and have the confidence to see a doctor if you notice anything that doesn’t feel right for you.
Charity Telephone No. N/A – We are an awareness and education charity, so we do not have a support line as we don’t have this service.
Charity Email  team@coppafeel.org
Charity Website  www.coppafeel.org
Charity Video links  https://vimeo.com/87184893

After her own diagnosis with Breast Cancer at 33, Heather Walters set about spreading awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer creating a hugely popular video of a flash mob which encouraged women and men to check themselves. Throughout the last year Heather has not only supported the charity’s message, but also set about fundraising for CoppaFeel! raising in excess of £20k to support our work.

Here is Heather’s blog: www.facebook.com/checkyourselfdontwreckyourself

The ‘Check yourself flashmob’.  Heather created and has a vision for every country to take it on and choreograph their own unique dance to it, to raise awareness of checking your boobs early.