Meet the Role Models!


Caroline Sykes

Caroline is from Mid Devon.  She had a tough start to life, and has overcome a number of challenges, including abuse, drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness.  She now works with deaf children with challenging behaviour, and wants to use her spotlight at the Beauty Unseen Show to encourage the public not to give up on people who appear “a lost cause”, and believes that with the right support, everyone has the power within them to change for the better.


Dan Silver

Dan is from Plymouth, Devon, and was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the young age of 29, after reporting a lump to the doctor.  He is now determined to help other young men and women trust their instincts and visit the doctor when in any doubt, and has set up his own charity (Dash of Silver) to help raise awareness.


Fiona Richardson

Fiona is from Cornwall, and has built a new life for herself and her son after courageously escaping an abusive relationship.  She now teaches dance to children, and is eager to encourage a strong sense of self-esteem in them.


Heather Walters

Heather is from North Devon, and after self-examining, found a lump in her breast, aged just 33.  Whilst undergoing treatment, she started up an international campaign supporting Coppafeel, by way of a flashmob, encouraging other young men and women to check themselves.


Kirstie Tancock

Kirstie is from Devon and has survived 2 double lung transplants, and has lived with Cystic Fibrosis from birth.  She believes strongly that exercise helps to keep you strong and fight illness, and teaches fitness pole-dance and aerial hoop classes.


Marrianne Gutierrez

Marrianne is from Mid-Devon and has lived through and recovered from M.E. She wants to change perceptions and encourage M.E. sufferers to trust their instincts when it comes to recovery.


Sash Parker

Sash is from Bristol and was born prematurely with Cerebral Palsy.  Despite her condition, Sash has done everything from an indoor sky-dive, to snorkelling and swimming with dolphins, to para-gliding! She is an ambassador for ‘WhizzKids’ and her dream is to be a television presenter, showcasing issues surrounding disability.


Steve Cunningham

Steve lives in Cornwall, and despite being blind from the age of 12, focuses on his ability rather than his disability.  He holds the World Blind Land speed record, the Offshore and Inshore Powerboat world record, and was the first ever blind person to to circumnavigate the UK, raising thousands of pounds for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  He now works with businesses and schools around the UK to help motivate and inspire people of all ages and abilities to reach their own potential.

Suzanne Dugmore


Suzanne is from Mid Devon, and following the removal of a benign brain tumour, lost her hearing in one ear and all feeling in one side of her face.  Through her artistic gifts of painting and drawing, she found therapy in expressing her feelings. She wants to share with others what she has found through her experience – that we are not defined by our looks, our circumstances, or people’s perceptions of us.