Dan Silver

One of the Beauty Unseen Role Models.
Chosen to take part in the South-West live show 2016

Dan is from Plymouth, Devon, and was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the young age of 29, after reporting a lump to the doctor. He is now determined to help other young men and women trust their instincts and visit the doctor when in any doubt, and has set up his own charity (Dash of Silver) to help raise awareness.


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Charity Information I promise you this… “We at Dash of Silver will thrive to make sure we create more awareness for Male Cancer and promote the “Know your Body” with the general public and also raise some monies for our nominated charities.” So thank you again for joining us on our journey to ” Say Pants to Cancer
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Charity Website  www.dashofsilver.co.uk
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“I have known Dan a good 16 years, in that time I have always known him for his warmth and generosity, particularly towards others. He has always had a determination about him and this was more than obvious when battling against this terrible disease. I am proud to call him a friend and to be part of what our charity is trying to do, to help raise awareness. Dan has done superb to battle through and his recognition is fully deserved.” – Jacob Quelch


The Dash of Silver charity team


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